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Does Mold Cause Asthma?

By Certified Inspectors of America | October 9, 2020

Mold is fungi that grows on damp or decomposing surfaces. It is also known as mildew. There’s mold that grows outdoors, and there’s mold that can live inside of a house or a building.

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Recognizing Signs of Mold Exposure in Your Health

By Certified Inspectors of America | October 2, 2020

Mold spores are not good for anyone to breathe in, but those with allergies may be especially sensitive to mold exposure.

Covid-19 Testing in Your Home…Does it Work?

By Dale | April 23, 2020

Lately, there has been a tremendous amount of information floating around about cleaning and sanitizing the air and surfaces around homes and workplaces that may have been infected with Covid-19. What is cleaning efficacy testing? Is there a way to really test for Covid-19 in my home? I am going to try to answer some […]

Grow Flowers, Not Mold!

By Dale | March 3, 2020

…water is going someplace. Perhaps your basement or crawlspace.

How Common Are Mold Allergies?

Are Mold Allergies Common?

By Dale | December 16, 2019

This short article uses new data showing the commonality of mold allergies.


Is My Dehumidifier working properly?

By Certified Inspectors of America | September 12, 2019

This short article will help understand dehumidifiers and how they work.

What Does a Bag of Buns and Your Home Have In Common?

By Certified Inspectors of America | June 30, 2019

Just the other day, I went grocery shopping and one of my daughters and she helped me bring in and put away the groceries. As usual, we were all in a hurry and she must have put the hot dog buns in a place we usually never look for them. About a week and a […]

Crawlspace Vent Dilemma

By Certified Inspectors of America | May 11, 2019

Homeowners ask a variety of important questions. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “Should my crawlspace vents remain open or closed?” There are some valid points on both sides and we will try to navigate this often-asked question. Opinion #1: Crawl space vents should remain closed at all times. The crawl […]

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What Is Third Party Air Quality Testing and Why Do I Need It?

By Certified Inspectors of America | April 30, 2019

When gathering information about mold inspection companies, it is important to ask a number of qualifying questions to see if the company being hired is legitimate and qualified to do the mold inspection. Here is a list of several good qualifying questions to ask a mold inspection company. How long have you been in business? […]

Recognizing Signs of Mold Exposure in Your Health

By Certified Inspectors of America | April 1, 2019

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