Is My Dehumidifier working properly?

Many people purchase a dehumidifier, turn on the power button and figure that their job is completed! However, it has only just begun! We often forget to empty the bucket, clean the filters or even pay attention to the after the purchase.

Recent Air Quality Inspection

I inspected a basement where the homeowner was doing everything right. I took a look at the dehumidifier and it was a big box brand that can be purchased anywhere. In summary, their set up was simple and effective and working for them quite well.

I don’t want to get too technical, because broad generalities will work just fine. First, the indoor temperature of the space is 74 degrees and the relative humidity measures 51%. Second, the operating dehumidifier temperature is 94 degrees (in red) and the relative humidity is 18 percent (in blue). Consequently, that means that the dehumidifier is doing it’s job removing water vapor from the air.

This is an example of a dehumidifier effectively doing it’s job in the living space.

Checking Your Dehumidifier

There are a couple of things to remember about dehumidifiers. First, they run in cycles which means that it may actually be running, but blowing cooler air. That may mean that it is simply in a defrost cycle. However, it may also mean that the dehumidifier is not working correctly or efficiently. Return a couple of hours later and measure the output again and see if the temperature has increased. Secondly, purchase a hygrometer and take temperature and humidity readings for yourself. Make sure that the dehumidifier is working by testing the air in the area being dehumidified as well as the air coming out of the machine. In general, you will want to see a significant difference in the temperature and relative humidity between the dehumidifier output and the air of the space being dehumidified.

Easy To Use App and Contact Information

HERE is a dehumidification calculator to download and make the process understandable. Please take a look at Certified Inspectors of America’s website for more information about dehumidification and the importance it has to indoor air quality. Call us today at (770) 533-3777.