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Crawlspace Conundrums!

The last few weeks have reminded us that the spring rainfall is coming. During a recent air quality inspection of a crawlspace, it was discovered that there was water sitting on top of the vapor barrier. The puddles were within a few feet of the HVAC unit/air handler that was located in the crawlspace. It …

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Locked Down with Mold: Ways to Prevent Mold Build Up

Many of us are shut indoors because of the lockdown brought by the spread of COVID-19, and this can create extra air moisture from showers and baths, drying laundry, and steam from cooking; all of these can lead to mold appearing on our walls and ceilings.

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Is Mold Causing That Rash?

Mold is one of the most common problems that homeowners run into and is not an indication of a dirty household. On the contrary, mold buildup and bacterial growth can happen within any area, given the right conditions.

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Cleaning for Mold Prevention

It’s easier and healthier to prevent mold than it is to try to clean it up. This article will explore some simple ways you can use to clean your home to prevent and control mold.

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Is That Mold I Smell?

With the seasons changing and people beginning to use confined areas to store their summer clothes and belongings, a small population of homeowners have noticed an odd smell creeping into their noses.


The Dangers of Radon

There are a lot of things that affect the air quality in our homes, mold being one at the top of the list. But it is not always the cause, according to our mold certified inspectors.