What Does a Bag of Buns and Your Home Have In Common?

Just the other day, I went grocery shopping and one of my daughters and she helped me bring in and put away the groceries. As usual, we were all in a hurry and she must have put the hot dog buns in a place we usually never look for them. About a week and a half later, I found the bag of buns unopened and moldy. Here is the dilemma, if that bag of hot dog buns was never opened, how did it get moldy? The answer is simple…it was always there.

Like the bag of buns, our homes and offices all have mold spores in the environment. The question isn’t if our homes have mold (they do), but rather if the mold spore counts are at an acceptable level. That is where Certified Inspectors of America comes into the picture. If you have questions about the air quality in your home or office, begin with the premise that there is mold, the question is, “How much is there”? Then, give us a call to do a thorough mold inspection from crawlspace to attic and perfom a lab certified air quality test that will ease your concerns about the air quality.