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New Year’s Checklist for Mold Prevention

Have you begun to make plans for the upcoming year? With New Year’s Eve just behind us, many homeowners are looking around their post-holiday homes with amazement and shock. While sharing memories and wrapping presents, we forgot to give our homes a little extra love in the past weeks.

Apart from cleaning up leftover bits of wrapping paper and tape, what can we do to prevent harmful mold buildup in our home? Here’s what you need to know moving forward.

Be Mindful of Moisture Levels

To fight mold at its source, we must understand the foundational variables that allow mold to thrive. For most homeowners, installing a device that measures the amount of humidity in your air is a step in the right direction.

Mold, in a general sense, loves when there’s excessive moisture in the environment: If there’s a dark and damp space that’s left untouched, mold spreads. Keep your humidity below 60% at all costs to fight back against mold buildup.

Clean Your Shower Walls

Be honest with yourself for a moment: when you get out of the shower, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like the average person, you step out, dry off, put your towel in the laundry hamper and move on with your day.

While our habits are productive and beneficial, we often ignore the interior cleanliness of our shower. In the upcoming weeks and months, we encourage you to get your hands dirty by cleaning those cracks and crevasses that become filled with mildew and gunk.

The To-Do List

As a final step, use the checklist below to ensure that you’re fighting off mold at its source:

  • Don’t let damp clothes lie around
  • Use amonnia-free cleaning products
  • Clean spilled drinks immediately
  • Repair damaged plumbing
  • Perform monthly mold checks
  • Consult with a professional
  • Start Today

If you’re ready to start 2021 on the right foot, finding a mold certified inspector for consultation is a must-do. These individuals are highly trained and skilled at finding harmful mold in those hard-to-reach areas that homeowners skim over.

For readers that have begun to notice itchy eyes, chronic runny nose, frequent headaches and mood fluctuations, contacting a mold certified inspector is your next step. Reach out today and start making 2021 your best year ever!