Tips to making a dehumidifier last longer

The Importance of Dehumidification

We all realize that musty smell can be an indicator for mold growth. We also realize that dehumidifiers help lower the humidity level and take away the odors. But what can be done to maintain and extend the effective life of these important appliances? We will take a few moments to “air out” some of the facts!

  • Purchase the right size dehumidifier: Typically, the larger the area to be dehumidified, the larger the the dehumidifier needs to be. The most popular sizes are 50 pint and 70 pint dehumidifiers. The easiest thing to do is to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and go with what they recommend. However, a 70 pint dehumidifier will always work more effi
  • Run the fan at lower speeds. Most dehumidifiers have low, medium, and high fan speeds. Unless the humidity levels are always above 55%, lower fan speeds should be adequate. If it is difficult to keep humidity below 55%, there’s a good chance a larger dehumidifier is needed.
  • Clean the filters. I chose this picture because it perfectly demonstrates the need to clean the filter so that the machine is working efficiently.

Dehumidifiers are integral to healthy air. To make these small appliances last a bit longer, follow the hints. If humidity problems still exist, do not hesitate calling the experts at Certified Inspectors of America at (770) 533-3777. There may be larger problems, including mold growth, that are affecting the air quality. Inspectors are ready to help!