Real Estate: So Much House – So Little Due Diligence!

By: Dale Ortman – Owner of Certified Inspectors of America

We have all seen it. The “for sale” sign goes suddenly goes up in the yard of the neighbors home and we are amazed that when we check on the internet, the listing says it is “Sold”. How did it happen that fast? Is the market really THAT CRAZY? What is the downside to this for the buyer? More importantly, what should a buyer be looking for, with regards to air quality?

“Man, That Stinks!”

I will do consecutive posts (one every-other week over the next few months) to potentially help with the decision that is so important to everyone’s future. This week, we will talk about odor. One of the first things that we notice as we enter a home is the smell. Does it smell “old” or “musty”? Don’t be surprised if covering up that smell is the great smell of That is generally a sign that something is off and that there could be an air quality issue. Many times, these smells are covered up with the fresh smell of cookies, cinnamon or some other “smell of the month” candle club. That is why a quality mold inspection is so critical.

The importance of odors and an air quality inspection cannot be overstated. The EPA agrees! In fact, you are able to read exactly what they EPA says right here. What does mold smell like? There are a number of molds that release gasses that have that “musty” scent. On the flip side, it could simply mean that the home was exposed to elevated levels of humidity for an extended period of time and has recently been remediated. It may simply still have an odor. How do you know which one it is? Call Certified Inspectors of America to schedule a mold inspection. While checking humidity, monitoring air particulate with a particle counter or a visual inspection by a professional is a place to start, air sampling and surface sampling that is viewed with microscopes by a certified tech is certainly the best choice.

In closing, consider Certified Inspectors of America for your air quality needs. Experienced, certified and efficient is what you you will see and experience. Breathe safe. Breathe easy. Call (770) 533-3777 today.